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Any time of year is a good time to visit Jávea. As locals will be quick to tell you, the area has the most number of sunshine days of any part of Spain (some reports state 320 days per annum) and also boasts the longest life expectancy of all of Spain. In fact the World Health Organisation assessed the climate of the region to be the best for human beings. Could there be a link between the hours of sunshine and the longevity of residents? Of course there could be, but it could also be linked to the fresh fish, fruit and vegetables that originate from this area and the good humour of the local people. All these attributes of Jávea are best combined in the numerous fiestas that are dotted throughout the year.

The Spanish love a fiesta and they know how to throw a good party. Throughout the year there are a number of fiestas celebrated in Jávea, several will have a special pastry or sweet associated with it!

See the calender of events for more details.


The hottest months are July and August and also the busiest. Spanish cities are pretty much unbearable in August, which is why families de-camp from Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona to the coast for the whole month.

May, June and July are great months to visit as is September and October - less crowded and the weather is superb. November through to January can provide a welcome sunny break, but equally there can be periods of cloud and rain. However, sitting on a sunny terrace in December certainly does provide a welcome break from the monotony of the grey and the cold of northern Europe.

In February and March the temperature is rising. (Easter Week) is really the beginning of the holiday season - the weather is good and during Easter Week there are numerous parades and events happening in Javea.

As I have said, any time of year is a good time to visit Javea, since 320 days per year of sunshine means that there is a high likelihood of sunshine whenever you visit.


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Pueblo Blanco great location on beach and close to Port and Arenal beachSea view from Pueblo Blanco, Javea, Costa Blanca